KFaith6626 is an active Fantage premium member since June 2011. She joined Fantage sometime in May 2010 and ever since she became premium, she's been going on for quite a bit.



Member status
Premium Member
Premium Member since
June 2011
May 2010
BFFF(Best Fantage friend forever)
Her IDfone pic?

Her middle name is Faith, and she loves Fantage, anime, and Mexican food as well as her BFFF (Best Fantage Friend Forever), Cicifox. xDD

She currently is an Explorer but as soon as she levels up a few more times, she'll be a Notable. Until that happens, she's just an explorer.


Her BFFF is Cicifox who made this wiki for her. However, she has a full buddy list. Some of her other friends include Glasses4ULOL and Manga2010Angel.

Other KFaith Pics!

These photos are taken by KFaith's lovely friend, Cicifox.

  • Another awesome pic of KFaith6626
  • Her Besties

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