Date she joined
674 (as a member) 205+ (as a non member)
Known for
кαωαιι ¢υρ¢αкє on YouTube

About her

Justine0319 is known as кαωαιι ¢υρ¢αкє on Youtube. She has been making videos since 2012. She first joined as Pinkheartsflower0319 on Youtube, but unexpectedly quit and closed her account 2 years ago. This is her first and main account. She has quit YouTube in 2015.


  • She named her Fantage account after her real life name and her birthday
  • She quit Fantage due to drama, but she visits for memories or to hang out with friends
  • She puts her mood as tired because she's a night owl
  • While she's a member she's a Guru and while a non member she's an Explorer.

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