Jikorox a.k.a. "Jiko"


User in Fantage
Channel Made
December 13, 2009
Amount of Subscribers
Videos Made

Jikorox is known for her YouTube channel, Juliaroxall where, like Whee444, makes music videos and sometimes skits. She also does excellent pixeling!

As Jikorox

She joined Fantage in May 2009, and currently is still playing. For quite some time she has been a premium member, but recently, she canceled her membership.

She is good friends with a lot of YouTubers, and at the Fantage vidcon, she says " I met a lot of other famous youtubers there including Fantagecristina792 and tigers8me. I also got to meet a ton of my fans and talk to some old friends. It was still pretty fun despite the horrible lag."

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