Jigsaw Jigsaw is a game that originally was in the Star Café (later moved to the Retro Arcade) that has players complete jigsaw puzzles of Fantage-related things.



Players have to complete as many puzzles as they can before they get a game over. Each puzzle has a time limit. The more puzzles the player progresses, the more time the player is given to complete a puzzle. Likewise, the more puzzles the player progresses, the smaller the size of the jigsaw pieces, making a puzzle more difficult. When the player completes a puzzle, a small amount of time is added to the time limit for the next puzzle, depending on how much time the player had left upon completing the puzzle.

The player can drag a puzzle piece to the puzzle by clicking and holding a piece they want to touch. They can move the piece to the desired place and let go to see if it fits. If the puzzle piece is not correctly placed, it will move back to where the player found it.

Puzzles have the finished picture in a slightly transparent form so players can help put the puzzle in the correct places.

Other Languages

  • Spanish: Rompe Cabezas (Puzzles)
  • Japanese: ジグソージグソー (Jigusojiguso)

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