Join Date
June 16, 2008
Featured Member Date
January 27, 2010
Well-Known Buddies
Original HOF Royalty Ranking
2nd Place

J1221 is a long time Fantage User. He was the original 2nd place in the Royalty in Hall Of Fame, making him the highest level male user during his time. He was second to civic_princess, who was then the title holder of the highest level in all of the Fantage community.

Basic Information

  • Username: j1221
  • Nickname: J
  • Favorite Game: Fruit Stack
  • Featured Member date: January 27,2010
  • Close Friends: amy22a, civic_princess, boogieramon, dylan515, nonoya
  • Join Date: June 16, 2008


He's been active during October 2008 until early 2011 where he started to lose his interest on Fantage and rarely goes online. 

Back in the days, he like to hangout with his friends at downtown and play a friendly competition with his friends in fashion shows. He loves playing fruit stack and earn stars as well. He regularly enters contests in the Comet ,especially in the Writer's Den section. He is one of the first few people (probably one of the first 5 people) to reach a million stars back in mid-2010. He is rarely seen in full servers. He usually doesn't talk much and only adds/accepts people that he really know but despite all of that, he is really nice and approachable. He also has this really unique Fashion sense because he usually wears outfits that are not much used by people which leads us to the conclusion that he doesn't like following trends and mainstream get-ups.

During the first months of Hall of Fame (mid 2010), he consistently maintained his rank as the 2nd placer and as 2010 ends, people started to get so many levels and his rank in Royalty started to go down from there.

He lost his membership in late 2011 and he didn't login for almost a year. As of December 2013 he became a premium again.

His Fantage Facebook is "Fantage Rats".

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