Preferred Servers
White Seal/Yellow Yeti
Preferred Games
Wild Racer, Fish Fish(multiplayer)

Iceycycle91 is a Fantagian that likes to buy items in a former store named Trade N Sell and to earn stars. She has all non member items in the stores and wants to reach a level 250+ as a non member. She is currently level 225 and had a previous username of Thin_ice95. She loves hanging out in a server called White Seal/Yellow Yeti. Her favorite color is sky blue. She was a member once for one month. Her YouTube channel is


Iceycycle91 likes to level up and earn stars. Her favorite games are Wild Racer and Fish Fish Multiplayer. She advertises her blog and tries to max out all of her medals. 


Iceycycle91's blog is Fantage Artist. She likes to advertise on her account, and her friends djmic8, xxiceskatex, and italyblue. Iceycycle's goal for her blog is to get well known by helping other fantagians, and not just having a high level. She's planning on making a blog with her art of Fantagian drawings for stars or eCoins. 


"Two years ago famous fantagians were that ones that had fun in full servers and did as they wanted to. Now it's just the ten people in All Time Rankings, which totally changed since then."


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