Mini quests

This page will guide you to have lots of stars. See another guide like this on Fantage Answers, The Fantage Wiki!'s sister site.

Play Mini Games

Playing mini games will help you get stars, If you have lots of stuff in your inventory ,I advise you to play Fashion Show. 

Watch tutorials or Do some Mini Quests.

When you are playing ,at the right side of screen there is a icon which says mini quests.Click on them and watch tutorials to get 2000 stars/2 gems,YOU CAN ONLY GET 2000 STARS IF YOU WATCH THE TUTORIAL AND YOU CAN ONLY GET THE STARS ONCE.

You can do mini quests which are 250 stars each.

Sell items in Lucky Bob

Sell stuff you dont really like and you can get stars in there. You can only sell things that you bought with stars, not ecoins.

Log in 7 days consecutively

Log in fantage everyday and on the 7th day you'll get a prize.

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