Getting free eCoins are now easy in Fantage starting at June 2012!

Getting free eCoins!


Description for photo
In the photo there is the "Earn eCoins" button! Can you see it?
Method Established


1. Log in to your Fantage account.

2. Click on your IDfone after logging in.

3. See the "Earn 20 eCoins" button? Click on it.Or you can see an ecoin icon at the side of the screen or in your idphone.

4. Watch the annoying ad and earn your eCoins! The ads are annoying, but it's worth it, especially if you're just a regular member.

There's also another way how to get eCoins fast. You have to make a new player and where it says to add a friend's username (there's a picture on this page that shows this) type your normal player username. Then play on the new player for an hour and your normal player & and the new player get 100 eCoins! The first time you do this you also get a free T-shirt. You can do this 20 times as a nonmember, or 200 times a premium member.
Ecoin cheat

Type your normal player's username in the white space.