You first get this medal when you hatch your first Holiday Pet, which was only if you were a Premium Member.

Leveling Up

You can level this medal up to Level 10. Each Holiday Pet gives you Level 2 when you hatch them successfully. These are the Holiday Pets:

  • Tom Tom
  • Blizzy
  • Springy
  • Cotton
  • Rosie

About The Holiday Pets

Tom Tom is a cartoon turkey given out during the Thanksgiving event. Blizzy resembles an animated snowman and might be a reference to Frosty the Snowman. He is given out during the Christmas event. Springy resembles a green spring, given out during the spring events. Cotton is given out during Easter events and is based off of a cute bunny, a major symbol associated with the Easter holiday. Rosie is a pink-haired pony with a small crown on its head.


  • Blizzy is also in a event in December 2011.
  • This medal is visible even when your Membership expires.
  • The Holiday Pets DOES level up your Pet Collector Medal as well.
  • Springy was originally given out after users would score a certain high score in one of the spring event's games.
  • Cotton carries a small wagon with an egg inside, and appears to be the only pet that carries an object that is not a part of their body.
  • Springy is a play-on words for the spring season, the event in which he originated from.

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