The Grotto


The Enchanted Forest
With the Forest
Left of Grotto
The bridge to Wizard's Domain.
Right of Grotto
The game Bubble Bug.
Lily the Blue Fairy

The Grotto is a place that resides in the Forest and is home to Lily. The glowing balls can be moved inside and on the right hand side you will find the Game Magic Pop. The swan boat in the Grotto leads you to the Secret Fairyland, a place home to the fairies where you can now explore.

As of 2014, the Grotto has been revamped and now you can obtain moodies that correspond to your birth month, as well as corresponding items. Lily the Blue Fairy lives in the Grotto. She previously talked about the Enchanted Forest until 2014, when her role was shifted to horoscope-like items.


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