Gold is a currency that can be used to buy and sell items in MyMall. It was introduced on May 29, 2014 with the release of MyMall.

Gold must be bought or earned by selling, and otherwise cannot be obtained in-game. It is the third currency of the game. Gold is meant to replace eCoins as the 2nd main currency, and since the release of Gold; it has been used as the currency for purchasing Limited Items. Gold can be bought on the official Purchase page on Fantage. Gold can be bought individually or can be bought along with membership. The longer the membership, the more the Gold.

Buying gold

Buying Membership with Gold on the Purchase Page

Gold can be used for Cody's Crazy Combos to obtain certain items that enhance your Fantagian, or to buy items that would let you obtain Magic Codes for the latest Pet family, Little Codies.


  • Gold could be converted to eCoins in MyMall, but this feature has since been removed
  • It can be bought for the same amount of money as eCoins.

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