Gemini is a Fantage Animated Series by FantageSenseiAndy.


  • Sakura Misoka
  • Rei Misoka
  • The Head Mistress


Episode 1

Sakura is laying on the bed listening to her favorite song before her younger twin brother Rei comes in. Both of them go on a short walk. Sakura is surprised that Rei wants to go on a walk, but Rei says that he's just bored and wants something to happen. Rei walks ahead and sees a pink haired, fishy-looking woman who tells the twins not to move and try to kill them, but someone summons an Ice Beam at the woman, temporarily making her frozen. The person quickly teleports the Gemini Twins before the woman melts off the ice. They both wonder where they were and the person gets the Head Mistress over to where she was. The Head Mistress tells the twins that they are now attending Brighton Magic Academy, a magical school in the Promplex region teaching students possessing mystical powers and to keep them safe from Darkness. They are enrolled in the school so the twins can discover their powers and their full potential. They learn that the woman attacking them was part of the Dark Lily Magic Academy, a different school teaching students that were enveloped in the Darkness, and that the woman was attacking the twins because the Gemini Twins possess incredible powers that are waiting to awaken. The Gemini Twins accept their invitation to join the school.

Episode 2

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