The Forest is a location in Fantage, containing the Grotto. You can collect Gems by playing the games there.

There is also Lucky Bob's Trading Post, where you can sell your items. Be careful, you have to buy them back! Outside the trading post there is also a pet treat for your pet to enjoy! There is also a "? Sign" near the Grotto. Click on it to go to the Hidden Meadow, where you click on the portal to go to a place where you can play Secret Adventure.

Grotto has a secret passage inside. All you have to do is look at the patterns on the arch and lit them on the candle in order. After candle, da da! You have a ride (swan boat) to the secret passage!


Bubble Bug

Capture butterflies in bubbles for 20 points and dragonflies for 50.

Magic Pop

Help Orion destroy giant bubbles.

Secret Adventure

A platforming game similar to the famous Super Mario Bros. Platforming games, play as a explorer hoping to learn the secrets of the Fairy Stones.

Other Languages

  • Spanish: El Bosque
  • Japanese: もり (Mori)

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