"Play games here to earn Gems, and bring them to Orion. You can also sell extra items to Lucky Bob" -- Fantage Map.

The Forest is a location in Fantage, containing the Grotto, Orion's Rare Finds, Lucky Bob's, Secret Forest Gateway, and the Creature Arena. You can travel to the Secret Forest from here, and wander around as a little animal in the Creature Arena. Or hide behind the Unicorn Thing like the creeps we are.

The Forest (west)
The Forest (east)
The Forest (middle)

West of Forest

In this area of the Forest, there's the Castle Gateway and Orion's Rare Finds (and also half of the Hidden Meadow Gateway). There's also a Gem Shop next to the Castle sign, where you can buy Gems. In Orion's Rare Finds, you can exchange Gems for Rare Items. The Castle Gateway will lead you to the Castle area.

Middle of Forest

In the middle of the Forest, there's the entrance to the Hidden Meadow, where you can play Secret Adventure and wait forever just for the loading screen. Fun! There's also the Enchanted Grotto, where the Gem earning games reside. You can also buy Cosmic Crests there and also go to the Secret Area of the Grotto. In front of the Grotto is the Lucky Bot, where you can win items with coupons that are won from the daily login (good stuff), with eCoins, or Gold. The hovering mechanism next to the robot with the awesome mustache has the info menu for the Lucky Bot.

East of Forest

The area in the East of the Forest has the Creature Arena related things, Lucky Bob's Trading Post, and the path to Fantage School (and also the Unicorn Thing, which I have no idea what it is for. Outdated Event item? Secret?). Lucky Bob's Trading is where you can sell your extra items. The Creature Aren leads you to a little map where you can wander around as an animal character, which you can buy from the sign next to the Creature Arena Gateway.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can click and drag the little orbs on the Grotto's branches! But they can't be seen by other players, and the orbs go back to their default positions if you refresh or leave the area.


Bubble Bug

Capture butterflies in bubbles for 20 points and dragonflies for 50.

Magic Pop

Help Orion destroy giant bubbles.

Secret Adventure

A platforming game similar to the famous Super Mario Bros. Platforming games, play as a explorer hoping to learn the secrets of the Fairy Stones.

Other Languages

  • Spanish: El Bosque
  • Japanese: もり (Mori)