Forbidden Love


Made by
January 28, 2013

Forbidden Love is a Fantage Anime Series made by XxPurdyAngellxX. It is about a teenage girl named Madi, who suffers and thinks about love, feelings, and torture in high school, especially when her older sister (though were not completely sure) arranges her to marry Steven, a classmate from her class, but she seems to wonder about the mysterious Kyle. It's been 4 years since the last episode and it's unknown whether there will be another one.

Beware, this is one of the many series that use an outrageous amount of swearing(cursing).


  • Madi
  • Madi's sister(is it her sister or not?)
  • Steven
  • Eric
  • Joan
  • Elissa
  • Kyle
  • Nerdy girl who introduces Madi to the class
  • Unknown person who tortures Madi while Madi is unconscious


Episode 1

After the short intro to start it off, Madi is seen with her sister(?) talking about Madi's older sister's(?) boyfriend, Ryan, and Madi directly insults him(specifically, she says he has bad breath) while her older sister(?) shuts her up and tells her to go to school. It turns out that Madi is an orphan and has always complained about her parents sending her away whenever love is discussed. When Madi bumps into Elissa, a purple-haired popular girl, Elissa curses Madi under breath as she leaves. A nerdy girl introduces Madi to the class, but Madi shooes her off, saying that she doesn't need friends since all they do is betray, bretray, betray. Later, Madi is sitting on a bench outside, but runs off blushing after Kyle refuses to wait to sit. Madi faints, and sees a woman, but curses at her directly, making the woman infuriated. Madi wakes up and goes home, seeing that her sister(?) arranged her to marry Steven, and Steven asks how she's being so calm about this. Madi replies that she never wanted this anyway, and the both of them hope to get out of this marriage idea.



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