Fantage Spaz

Fantage Spaz is a Fantage blog powered by It is currently run by Khushi also known as Mango025. It was created for helping players on Fantage. 

The Blog 

Fantage Spaz was created on November 17th 2013. The theme Spectrum was used from the day it was created. 

The Owner

The owner of Fantage Spaz currently is Mango025. 

She is a Fantage nonmember with a 30+ level. Mango025 has not been a Premium Member except for the free opportunities, also known as the Free Member Week. 

She has not yet considered hiring a co-worker as she states that she would not like to share her responsiblites yet. Currently Fantage Spaz has 6,700 views, and 1,420 comments. 

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