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Fantage Secret Kingdom is a blog that is run by a fantage user named aaliyahnicole12. It is a blog that focuses on sharing tips for non-member accounts and giving out free accounts for every Fantagian.


The blog was created on July 2013 but shortly after that, the blog had a hiatus. But, just on October 2015, the blog was revamped and passwords for the once secret pages were given out. They are now currently focusing more on giving tips and sharing various accounts.

Blog Features

  • Chatbox
  • Cheats & Tricks
  • Member/Rare Accounts for 2013
  • Coming Soon...
  • Donation
  • Glitches and Secret Places
  • Guides
  • Help!
  • Monthly Free Accounts!
  • News!
  • Report!
  • Rules
  • Fashion Show

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