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Fantage Sakura Moon is a WordPress blog that was made to help users in Fantage. It was created in October 2013 by Moonlight Mizuki (moonlight_charm in Fantage), who is the owner. Awesomeamazing1 has been the co-owner and admin of the blog from the beginning of March 2014.


Fantage Sakura Moon's posts are mostly about Fantage, though they can be about other things, too. Both authors try to post every week and work well as a team.


Fantage Sakura Moon has a variety of pages. It has an about page, along with a FAQ page. It also has Fashion Show outfits for both nonmembers and premium members, and a page about posing. It even has pages not related to Fantage, such as its Fun Stuff page and its subpages. Fantage Sakura Moon has many more pages for its viewers to explore.

Followers and Blog Hits

Fantage Sakura Moon currently has about thirty followers and a little more than 1,500 hits, though the authors know that the purpose of the blog is to help Fantagians, not to get many followers and blog hits.

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