Fantage Minions was created in 2013, by girl's named Pixie and Meowi. Pixie hired her team workers ( vicctatt, moonshinezodiac, alexis, sach, phantomive, kyaru, aprsept,  and potatoe4ever) to work. She upgraded her blog & also worked really hard on it. Her blog used to pixiesfantagepics but got deleted she redesigned and re-made her blog on Blogger- pixiesfantagepics and deleted it, continuing on she had a blog called Smart Artist about creative art & awesome photography of them. A few months later she deleted her blog and switched back to wordpress and joined Fantage News Dudes and met Sach216 a blogger & teamed up with her to make a blog. But pixie thought hiring Meowi as a co-owner is great, so she hired her soon she continued on and jad a quite big blast to the start of her very own blog! Fantage Minions.
  • This is Pixie starrring in a Movie Star magazine.
  • Pixie's fantage: ellablossomle
  • This is her blog's header: Fantage Minions
  • Her 2nd pic


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