Fantage Game Card


Redeemable Online Game Card
$10, $20, $50
Toys "R" Us (USA)
April 2012

Fantage Game Cards, abbreviated as FGC, are redeemable game cards that were made by Fantage Incorporated (Fantage Inc.) in April 2012. They are game cards specifically compatible with Fantage. They have MichelleMichael, and two Pets on each card.

Fantage Game Cards can be redeemed to Fantage's Membership and Purchase page to buy Premium MembershipeCoins, or Gold. After redeeming, the user can get a free item, 3 GemsStars, or furniture.


Fantage Game Cards are only available in the United States of America in select Toys "R" Us stores. However, they will not appear in the official Toys "R" Us website when searched.

Fantage Game Card Set

Sometimes. when the user uses a Fantage Game Card, they will get a free item from the Fantage Game Card Set. Here is a list of them below.

The name of the item depends on gender. The name on the left is for females, and the name on the right is for males. If there is only one name, that name is used for both genders or one of the names for one of the genders has not yet been found.

  • Popstar Hair
  • Popstar Dress
  • Popstar Stage Board
  • Star Platform Board
  • Princess Hair
  • Princess Dress
  • Carriage Board
  • Fancy Car Board
  • Movie Star Hair
  • Movie Star Dress
  • Red Carpet Board
  • Superhero Hair
  • Superhero Dress
  • Superhero Board
  • Super Pug Board
  • Gypsy Hair
  • Gypsy Dress
  • Genie Costume
  • Camel Board
  • Magic Carpet
  • Magician Hair
  • Magician Outfit
  • Magic Box Costume
  • Magic Stage
  • Lucky Cards Board
  • Snorkeler Hair
  • Snorkeler Outfit
  • Mermaid Costume
  • Conch Board
  • Rock Board
  • Warrior Hair
  • Warrior Outfit
  • Mage Costume
  • Castle Board
  • Dragon Board

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