Fantage Collection refers to the archived collection of Items on Fantage. This can be found from your Inventory. Though when it was first released, it's only function was adding items to ones Wishlist, the Collection served multiple purposes over time. Users can search an wear any item from the collection in the Photo Booth, and it was used for voting for items in Vintage Gold.

The collection is incomplete, and is generally not considered useful for items that are not clothing. Most homes and furniture items are missing, such as the three houses released in April 2009. Items not in the collection could not be voted for in Vintage Gold. The collection also includes Items that were not previously purchasable, such as group game costumes from Events.


  • When PM Boutique was first released, any item from the collection could be selected. This was changed the following week.
  • The collection includes a possible test item for boys as a hair, called "none" found in May 2013. This item was originally blank, and when worn; would make the User invisible and unable to load their inventory, though their chat could be seen through the Current Room tab in Instant Messenger. The item was only obtained by Users when PM Boutique was released, but it could be worn in the Photo Booth prior to that. After being exploited, the item was replaced with the hair to the Director costume. The hairs original purpose may have been to hide the director for filming, as it was released with Zack's Acting Academy.
  • The collection is more incomplete for Boys.

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