April 15th, 2014 - April 22nd, 2014 (according to Fantage's YouTube channel)

The Fantage Cataclysm, noted as Fantage CATACLYSM! by Fantage Inc., was an event that was held during the April party for the 6th anniversary of Fantage's creation. It was a plan by Cindleline to ruin the party and put Fantage under a curse where there will be no spring (many say it is an excuse to delay the release of the Spring backgrounds for the year).

The story of the event (like many other events before this one and after) were viewable on YouTube.


Fantage Cataclysm - Part 101:43

Fantage Cataclysm - Part 1

Tabitha and Kawaii are really excited for the Fantage parade when they suddenly wonder why spring has not yet arrived yet to Fantage. At the same moment, Orion comes to tell the girls that the fairies cannot change the seasons on Fantage due to a curse laid on them. A turquoise colored unicorn named Scooter goes to Orion to explain that Cindleline has already taken over his Unicorn World and is already bent on taking over Fantage.

Cindeline has returned to make her revenge after Santa Claus banished her from Fantage to a different world. After escaping from banishment, it appears that she has also shattered the All-Prism, the source of the Unicorn World's magic, into small crystal pieces, and had already corrupted the Unicorn World. Hearing this, Orion creates magical shields over Downtown and Uptown, similar to what he had done during the Halloween 2013 Zombie Invasion, and orders Kawaii to form groups to find the All-Prism crystals and Tabitha to wake up the fairies with Scooter. After they leave, however, Cindeline has already came with her own unicorn Night Shade...

Cindeline then brings her own Night Minions to break apart the magical shields, which are already weakening. Luckily, Tabitha and Scooter found the fairies and woke them up with powers while Kawaii has already collected enough All-Prism crystals to fix it back to how it originally was.
Fantage Cataclysm - Part 201:46

Fantage Cataclysm - Part 2

Going to Orion, she hands the crystals over to him and fixes the All-Prism with everyone's happy thoughts. The All-Prism kicks Cindeline out of Fantage with a huge sparkling rainbow, but the minions' evil energy of that has completely destroyed Fantage, causing Orion to recreate Fantage, making some places to be packed together or just simply removed. The Fantage map was ultimately removed and spring had finally returned to Fantage.


Users can help collect the All-Prism crystals by playing a mini-game where they have to sneak into Cindeline's Unicorn Lair to collect the crystals. Like most event mini-games, the user can also receive Stars for their effort.

Reception & Trivia

  • Most Fantage players did not take the event very well because of the redesigned map and the removal of the main Fantage games (even though it turned out that they were all collected in the Retro Arcade).
  • Scooter and Night Shade, the unicorns, have been turned into actual boards. These board were pretty costly, and Night Shade was a Premium Member item, but it allowed players to explore Fantage even faster.

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