Fantage Bots are users that appear in Fantage. They are not actual users like the majority of Fantage's population are, but they are computer-generated and have an AI. They normally do not use the chat and usually are present to take up space for things, such as multiplayer games.

Gameplay Bots

These bots are found in most multiplayer games, but their presence is mostly found in the following games:

Bots are spawned into these games in order to ensure enough players enter the game with the user, in the case that the user is playing by themselves and no other actual user is present in the area. There is no other way to find out if a user is a bot in most games other than checking their usernames (bots usually have generic names). However, while playing Top Models Inc. Fashion Show, it is possible to find a user as a bot if they have these habits:

  • Bots will start out with random clothing, some of which may have items not normally attainable to most players (e.g. past event items, New Year's items, etc.).
    • Bots will also occasionally wear random clothing not used for the Final Round's given outfit in order to give players some advantage.
  • Along with random clothing items, bots will have a random skin tone and eye type upon being spawn into the game. After the bot changes their clothing, their skin tone and eye type will automatically default to Creme skin and Original Eyes.
  • Bots will pace around the area before the game starts and after they lose a round in-game.
  • Bots will also occasionally perform either the Wave or the Jump Action after they win the round.

Up to 4 bots will enter the room during a multiplayer game.

Surveillance Bots

For a few months in 2011, appearing only in Downtown on every server, there were 2 users, 1 boy and 1 girl, went around Fantage, supposedly monitoring user chat. They always appeared as level 4 non members wearing event clothing. These users were actually bots.

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