Fantage Blackout 2012, 2013, and 2014

Fantage Blackout

June 27th, 2014 - July 2nd, 2013
Event Type
Story Event
Event Theme
Black Out
Areas Affected
All of Fantage
Featured Games
Lighting Candles

Fantage Blackout was an event from 2012, that was repeated in 2013.

Buying Costumes

The costumes are the same from previous years except they're now worth Gold instead of stars and ecoins. In order to participate in the event one must first buy the costumes to light up the candles.

Light it up

First up, you need to buy a costume, then go near a candle and do an action to light up the candle! You win a star for every candle you light up. If you light up 10 of each color you get a prize, and at 50 you get a medal.

Limited items

1.Yellow torch costume (non premium but worth gold)

2.Red torch costume (premium)

3.Blue torch costume (premium)

4.purple torch costume (premium) torch costume (premium)

All items cost 1500 stars (as a premium member) or 1500 gold.

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