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Boogieramon, owner of the channel


FantageBetas is a Fantage Youtube channel. It started out with a bunch of Fantage betas uploading videos to it, however, Boogieramon soon became the main owner/uploader. The channel, which was created on September 12, 2008, has been around for almost 6 years.

2008 - 2010

From September 14, 2008 to July 5, 2010, it mainly made videos focused on Fantage and its happenings with a few FMVs. However, it soon started exploring different video genres. Almost every video on the channel has over 1,000 views.


In 2012, Boogieramon made a series that all had "days" in their names.

Camera Days: On February 21, 2012, episode 1 of Camera Days was released. The series, about a boy who posts Youtube videos about his life in high school in hopes of being popular, proved very popular among Fantage Youtube, with each and every single episode having at least 3,000 views. Episode 15 was expected to be a 15 minute special episode. Previews of unfinished work on it were uploaded, however, the actual highly-anticipated episode was never released.

Reality Days:On March 9, 2012, episode 1 of Reality Days was released. This series was about a reality show with 8 contestants, all competing to be Fantage's Favorite. Perhaps the most unique aspect of it was that viewers got to vote contestants out of the show. This interactive part of the show helped increase its popularity. Each episode had around 5,000 views.

Destiny Days: On August 16, 2012, the first and only episode of Destiny Days was released. It was preceded by a trailer and a preview.


On August 16, 2013, Boogieramon uploaded a new video, "Where is everyone?", because he was wondering where everyone was. He is not used to 2013 Fantage. It is unclear whether or not this means he is back. According to comments he has made on the video, he is no longer interested in playing Fantage, but he might continue making videos. 

But after that video, no more videos are uploaded from him, now we wonder what was happening to him.

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