These are the rules and guidlines for the Fan Fiction Contest.

Please read this.

When submitting a Fan Fiction Story

  • PLEASE add more then 1 character. It needs more than one character so not just one person goes somewhere and does random stuff.
  • NO Explicit content. We have some kids on the site that might read your Fan Fiction. If it is inappropriate, add an age mark at the beginning of the page like:

Age 5

For ages five and up. Appropriate content,

friendly content.

Age 8

For ages eight and up. Appropriate content,

some unfriendly content.

Age 9

For ages nine and up. Appropriate content,

some unfriendly content.

Age 13

For ages 13 and up. Inappropriate content,

for teens,

some violent scenes,

some sexual contact.

Age 17

For ages 17 and up. Inappropriate content,

mature content,

adult sex scenes,

violent scenes.

Age 18

For ages 18 and up. Inappropriate content,

adult content,

adult sex scenes,

very violent scenes.

  • Add the category, Fanfics. If you don't, it won't be submitted into the contest.


  • ADD an age limit. Thank you.
  • No copyrighted info. We can get sued. If you do anything that is other than Fantage, for example, MTV, we can get in trouble for that.
  • DON'T add any passwords. Even if it isn't from Fantage. You get hacked, it's your problem.
  • Add chapters. This story needs to have more than 200 words, or bytes.
  • The videos has to be at the BOTTOM of the page.


  • You can add pictures.
  • You can add videos.
  • You can ask people to be in it.


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