This is a list of some of the most famous Fantagians.

(Note: For more info on these Fantagians, go to their specific page on this wiki.)

1. Pinkstardust

Currently first on the All-Time Rankings. Her level is in the 6000s. Which makes me feel like I'm still a newbie (30 times my level). -_-

2. Civic_princess

Has said on Youtube she was quitting multiple times, but probably hasn't been active lately. When she was active, however, she was probably the most famous person on Fantage. Her Fantage whun is Red_Ninja and she was the first on Fantage to reach level 1000. (Also, though she talked about how she doesn't like all the fame on Fantage, honestly I wish I was as famous as her :).)

3. Yara_Yara

Also on the All-Time Rankings, Yara_Yara is a high-ranking user.

4. Jikorox

Jikorox is a pretty easy Fantagian to find. Even I myself found her one time, sadly before I had any idea she was famous. Same for yara_yara. -_- Her Youtube account is Juliaroxall and she's known for making FMVs (Fantage Music Videos).

5. Briunet

Briunet is another famous Fantagian and her Youtube account is Briunet1. She doesn't have a page on this wikia.

(Add more if you know some, lol I don't know many)

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