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Emboar99 is a frequent user on fantage. He is seen on white seal mostly at Top Models inc. with his Girlfriend ("PD") goober445 and his best friends. Emboar is very popular on fantage since the recent "fight" he had with Queenbee_. While Queenbee_ was saying "Remove emboar", Emboar was saying, "Haters are only gonna make me more famous" what a positive attitude! Emboar is currently level 1,336 and is a Fantage Pro in hall of fame. We hope he will continue to level up more. So, one day Emboar will be a Royalty!. Emboar's best friends include- Nam4268, Goober445, Princess__4__u, Troy3280 and Wolf_jacob0. If you see emboar say "hi" because he is very friendly and nice! Sources say, he is nice but don't get on his bad side or he will hold a grudge. Also, don't ask to add Emboar because he is full, so don't take it personally if he says "no" when you ask to add him. Emboar respects everyone on fantage even if they do not give him respect back.==

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