Eggs, Bunny, and Easter 2015


March 26th, 2015 - April 8th, 2015
Event Type
Holiday Event
Event Theme
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Egg Decoration

Eggs, Bunny, and Easter 2015 is the event held for Easter 2015. It was released right after the end of the St Patrick's Day 2015 event.


As the event has just released, there is not much information of it quite yet. There are some things yet to be released such as emoticons and the free gift. During this event, a limited plant was added to be available to plant in players' farm, and this plant would give a very small chance of harvesting eggs.

Limited Items

The Limited Item Cart for this event consists of a three Inventory items: A bunny costume, a harp body accessory and a board. The items were released in two colors: pink and blue with purple. The pink set may only be purchased with Gold.

The Lost Eggs

There is an available quest for this event, called The Lost Eggs. The event is similar to the Easter Bunny quest during the Easter event in 2009. Users have to collect all of the eggs for the Easter Bunny.


The Easter Egg list, with the first 10 Easter Eggs found

Each egg will give the player a reward. The rewards vary from:

There are 100 eggs in total. While Premium Members can collect all of the eggs, Non-Premium Members can only collect 90 of the 100 eggs. To find the list of eggs, a pink egg icon on the top left corner of the screen will be there. Click on it to see the egg list. Clicking on the egg that the player is currently searching for will contain a hint, given by the Easter Bunny.


  • The grassy patch from the St. Patrick's Day 2015 event is still left behind in this event.
  • The music used in this event is from the Bunny Bash 2012 event.

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