Dr. Finkelstein is the infamous villain of Fantage. He will never change his angry and cold attitude.

Dr. Finkelstein


Dr. Finkelstein has curly orange hair that sticks up. He has wide googles and is wearing gray clothes along with black boots. He likes to play with his hands, showing his black gloves.
Basic Information
Dr. Finkelstein is the infamous cold villain of Fantage. He is willing to cause trouble into Fantage for sure.


Dr. Finkelstein is the cold villain that is now in the Fantage Jail that connects to the Secret Headquarters. He is very mean and has created the Weatherbots to wreck the climate and weather in Fantage.

However, the story in the Costumes Shop's storybook told a completely different story. Dr. Finkelstein wanted to be good, so he used his building powers to make the expensive Jet Pack Suit so that every Fantagian could fly to their heart's desire.

Pose as a Villain

He is the most common villain in Fantage. He had many encounters to mess up the peace of Fantage, but yet you and the Secret Agents can beat him.

His Many Encounters

Dr. Finkelstein has tried to wreck Fantage so many times. Here are his many encounters. He even tried to make people forget about everything and he wanted to control Fantage so bad.

  • Dr. Finkelstein's first villain debut was in the Weatherbot Mission. You defeat him with the power of a ancient power suit.
  • Dr. Finkelstein is seen in the Poseidon's Horn Mission, stealing the statue of Poseidon's ancient and magic horn. You get rid of him once Captain Cody saves you from drowning!
  • Dr. Finkelstein tried to mess up the Chrismas 2011 Event using his giant robots. You help Michelle slug snowballs onto the robots to reboot and shut them down!
  • Dr. Finkelstein tried to mess up the Valentine's Day Event 2012 by stealing Cupid's arrow, but the arrow rises when he tripped and landed right on his back, giving him the lovebug with a friendly personality. (The power of Cupid's arrow gave him the lovebug!)

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