Dazzle1026 is currently an active Premium-Member with a level of 418. However, she plans to cancel her membership very soon because of the breakup with her now ex-boyfriend, Agumonx619. Dazzle has been playing Fantage since October 28th, 2010, which is just two days after her birthday. Her favorite servers are Emerald Elephant, Green Giraffe, and any server that her friends are on. Her favorite places on Fantage are Sunblock, Downtown, and the Trade and Sell.

Dazzle (or Daz as some of her friends call her) has 590 eCoins and 40,000 stars as of June 28th, 2013


Dazzle1026 is most commonly spotted with Lovely_dovey, Vegeta_xd, and Justinb6199. She is also friends with Jeanbosco619, Sparkling0, Sangohan1122, and Superstar7775.

As stated earlier, Dazzle's best friend and boyfriend was Agumonx619, but he deleted her after she broke up with him for his lack of caring. "I want a one that actually loves me and isn't just acting like he does," she said to Vegeta_xd at the time of the breakup.

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