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The Daily Attendance, or formerly the Daily Bonus back from its' release in July 22nd, 2010, rewards the player some extra gifts every day they log in.


Every day the player logs onto Fantage, the Daily Attendance board would pop up and show an animation revealing that a gift is given to the player. The gifts vary from:

Each set of Daily Attendance sheets gives the user gifts for the next 14 days they log in. They each have an expiration date, and when the date is met a new Daily Attendance sheet is given.

Daily Bonus

At the time of release, the Daily Bonus would give an amount of Stars at the following conditions:

  • Logging in 7 days in a row gives the player 350 Stars.
  • Logging in 30 days in a row gives the player 3,000 Stars.
  • Being a Premium Member gave the player 400 Stars every month.

By 2012, the Premium Member monthly allowance was changed to 1,000 Stars, though players report that they got 5,000 Stars instead of 1,000.

Some Fantagians found a way to even get eCoins with the Daily Bonus. They would have to make a new account and not log in for 5 days. On the fifth day, the Fantagian would log in and receive eCoins. Many say this does not work, but it has been tested, and it did work for some users. Of course, this does not work anymore as the Daily Bonus was replaced by the Daily Attendance in late 2014.

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