Creature place
The Creature Arena is an area in fantage located at the Creature Area. You can transform into your creature there which you must buy at the Creature Shop first. Occasionally food will appear in the Creature Arena which if collected it will give your creature a suprise effect! The Creature Arena is also a way to get Stars.

The Creature Arena may be the least updated place in fantage and one of the least populated places.If you enter it, even on a full server, it is likely that no one will be there. It seems in recent years, Fantagians have not been interested in buying creatures.

The Creature Arena portal was moved to the Forest after the Fantage update in 2014.



If you collect the apple, your creature will grow giant.


If you collect the cake, your creature will shrink in size.


If you collect the peach, your creature will turn transparent.


Collecting the orange will make your creature go faster then there normal speed.


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