Comet Candy is an NPC on Fantage. She is one of the main reporters, and is in the reporter headquarters, located on Mt. Fantage.


Comet Candy works for the famous paper called the Comet. She takes photos and reports on them.


Comet Candy has darker skin, so it is not pale. She has pretty eyes. Her bright purple hair is done up in two short pigtails. The pigtails are tied with baby blue bows. She is usually seen with the high-tech camera only members can buy.


  • Fantage Japan Rules!

    The girl in Fantage Japan who looks similar to Comet Candy.

    On Fantage Japan, there was a girl who had pink pigtails and a camera, who was thought to be the Comet Candy of Fantage Japan. Interestingly enough, there is no Comet newspaper in Fantage Japan.

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