Crazy Combos

These are the cards I got.

Cody's Crazy Combos brings the return of Cody, which brings amazing items.

How to do it

Free Draws are to get rid of your doubles and go for the items you want.

Draws cost 300 gold. You can get it at MyMall, or purchase it with Membership or by itself.

Swaps cost 30 gold. Which means it will give you diffrent cards.


The Supermodel Set

This set equals a high score on Top Models Fashion Show.

Magical Invisibility

Become more invisible with each item

Outer Limits Set

Go anywhere in the world that nobody else can go!

Level Up Set

Win a Crazy Combos Medal and Level up.

Giant Monster Set

Become a giant monster. You can also change sizes.

Special Avatar Set

Become twice the size of your original avatar.

Soccer Set

This set will make you a soccer superstar!

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