First Appearance

Cindleline is one of the main antagonists (alongside Dr. Finkelstein) in Fantage, first appearing at the A Very Fairy Feast event video as a silhouette. She was properly introduced in the Holiday Blowout 2013 event video, showing her actual figure and her name, which was revealed by Agent Scarlet.

She can use dark magic, including trapping Agent Scarlet down in a hole, kidnapping Santa Claus, and turning a whole area into a place of darkness.


Cindleline appears to have gray skin, evil red eyes, and a small mole near her colorless lips on her face. She has cloudlike black hair and wears a long dark indigo nightgown. In the event videos, she is known to have a very deep and evil voice.


Concept art by Will Varner


  • Cindeline looks very similar to a melting candle.
    • A piece of concept art designed by Will Varner (who also worked on the visuals for the Cosmic Bingo and Fashion Battle features), depicting Cindleline and her unicorn, Nightshade, even suggests that a melting candle was considered in the design. She originally had red streaks in her hair and had an outfit with some gray patterns, which can appear to look like melting wax.
      • The mole by her lips is flipped in her concept art.
      • Nightshade is a grown horse, rather than a pony in the final design. Like Cindleline, his concept design appeared more like a melting candle, especially with his hair.

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