The yearly Christmas event is back again in Fantage! This 2011 party was so different than the past parties.


Christmas 2011
Limited Item Sale?
Yes, and along with that was a Prize Booth!
Story Stamp Book?
Existed in
December 2011

Michelle was sitting in her warm and lovely home until suddenly the phone rings, disturbing her serene moment. Out came a tiny snowman named Blitzy, who was one of Santa Claus's assistants. Santa told Michelle that Dr. Finkelstein was ruining Christmas! Michelle imagined the poor children seeing Christmas ruined. You can help Michelle by playing the games!

Story Form

For the first time ever, this event has a opening and ending movie!

Medal Info

In order to get the Christmas 2011 Medal, you must complete all the tasks in your Stamp Book.


Attack of the Snowbot

Limited pets


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