The Chocolate Fountain is a large fountain usually consisting of streaming chocolate, with a little heart (or candy in more recent events) in the center of the base of the fountain. It is a common centerpiece during Valentine's Day holiday events.

The Chocolate Fountain in an old photo taken by Jewelfan24.


Players can move their Fantagian into the Chocolate Fountain whenever the fountain was available in the area. The Fantagian will then be covered in chocolate.

Originally, the Fountain's effects would only work on Premium Members. This changed in the Fountain's recent appearances, where the effects would work on any Fantagian regardless of status.


The Chocolate Fountain made its debut appearance in 2010's Valentine's Day Party. It was the main feature of the event, and two special costumes, one resembling a banana and one resembling a strawberry, were made for Premium Members. Wearing one of these costumes while going into the fountain would soak the user's costume in chocolate.


Cupcake Conundrum

2013 - present

The Chocolate Fountain did not make a return until 2013, during the Chocolate Challenge event, with a modified appearance. However, unlike in 2010, any user could enter the fountain to experience its' effects, and costumes were no longer needed. The user would magically change into a costume of a type of food with chocolate involved in it. This same fountain made a return in future events, such as Cupcake Conundrum and the Q-Blast Valentine's Gift Event.

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