Chocolate Challenge Event

Chocolate challenge

September 20 to October 2 2013
Event Type
Ticket Event
Event Theme
Sweets (Cookies, Cupcakes, etc)
Areas Affected
Downtown, Uptown, Carnival, Forest, Beach, Castle
Featured Games
Cupcake Chaos, Cookie Catcher

Chocolate Challenge was during the 2013 Fantage Event lasting from September 20 to October 2, 2013.


  • Cookielimited

    Limited Items (Girl) featured during the Event

    During Chocolate Challenge, there were Chocolate Trees at the Beach and Forest . If a user clicked on them, the user's avatar would be tinted to a single color.
  • Every few minutes in certain places, the Cookie Man would run across the users screen. If clicked rapidly, the Cookie Man would eventually trip and leave tickets for the user to collect.
  • The Cookie Man resembles a chocolate chip cookie with eyes, a mouth, legs, arms, and a red and white striped sweatband.
  • At the Castle, the original water fountain was replaced with a Chocolate Fountain during the event. If users went through the fountain their avatar would be switched into a Candy Costume.
  • As always, there was a Limited Items cart.


Chocolate Challenge featured two new games: Cookie Catcher and Cupcake Chaos.

Cookie Catcher

Cookie Catcher was a live Fantage multi-player game located in an Event Room that could be accessed at the Carnival. Users are paired in teams of different colors (either blue, yellow, red, or green) while cookies fall from the top of the screen. The team who collected the most cookies won the round and 50 or more tickets. The teams were identified in costumes: the red team got a red cookie costume with red pigtails, the yellow team got a yellow cookie costume with blond pigtails, etc. All of them closely resemble the limited item at top right in the picture. You could not buy them, only the multi-colored one.

Cupcake chaos

Cupcake Chaos Gameplay

Cupcake Chaos

In Cupcake Chaos, the goal of the game was to serve proper cupcake orders to Fantagians at a time limit. A row of Fantagians would say their order and the goal was to get each order correctly to earn points. The player would be able to select a cake, icing, and a topping and serve it. At the end of the game, the player would be shown the amount of tickets they earned.

Event Gallery


  • Two features in the Chocolate Challenge were similar to some "Old Fantage" events. The chocolate fountain was reused in this event (it was originally used in Valentine's Day 2010) and a type of Monster Battle (March 2010) was used (more similar to Bunny Bash 2012's Easter Egg Battle, however).

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