Chinese New Year 2017


January 26th, 2017 - Feburary 1st, 2017
Event Type
Holiday Event
Event Theme
Chinese New Year
Areas Affected

Chinese New Year 2017 (listed on Fantage as Chinese New Year) was a holiday event hosted on the last two week of January 2017. It was the first known Fantage event to celebrate Lunar New Year.


Chinese New Year 2017's main feature was on the collection of special gold Chinese Coins exclusively for the event. These coins would be collected by staying on Fantage for hours (one coin per hour) or buying a set of 5 coins for 8,000 Gold. The coins were then used to feed the dragon outside the Castle, which has been given a new background graphic and music for the event.

Feeding 30 Chinese Coins to the dragon rewarded the player the Chinese New Year 2017 Medal.


Limited Item cart was made for the event.


  • Rooster Board - 4,000 Gold


  • Chinese Bun Hair - 4,000 Gold
  • Chinese Crystal Earrings - 1,500 Gold
  • Traditional Chinese Dress - 5,000 Gold
  • Red Silk Heels - 1,500 Gold


  • Blue Lion Hair - 3,000 Gold
  • Blue Lion Mask - 2,000 Gold
  • Blue Lion Outfit - 4,000 Gold
  • Blue Lion Shoes - 1,500 Gold

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