Captain Cody


Who is he?
Fantage's local superhero.

Captain Cody is the stuffed teddy bear superhero of Fantage.


Captain Cody is courageous and has a personality that does not stop him from saving Fantage and its' inhabitants in need of help. He is also generous, as he lets Fantagians make their own Codies, a new type of pet family. He also has his own business running, called Cody's Crazy Combos.


Since his arrival in August 19th, 2011, Captain Cody has been protecting Fantage from harm and even helped in one Mission to save the player from the brink of death.


Captain Cody was introduced to Fantagians in the event, Tale of a New Hero 2011. He protects Fantage from Dr. Finkelstein with the help of Ed Venture.

Sunken treasure involement

Captain Cody appeared again, this time in an official mission about sunken treasure. When Dr. Finkelstein takes the underwater statue, he leaves the player to drown. Luckily, the player is saved by Captain Cody himself.