Brainkenny is a fantage user who is Fantage Royalty. He just recently made it back to Fantage Royalty. Other fantage users' levels went up so he got moved to 12th place in fantage legends. He has been on fantage for 2 years. He joined fantage on april 1st 2010. In only 2 years he has made his way to royalty. In only 2 years he made a awesome level of 1,932. I have seen him only once and he tends to go on servers you won't except a cerlebrity to go on. People rarely see him and only his buddies will seek in what server he is in. He has many medals and stickers as well. His buddy list is very full like all other fantage cerlebrities. He may change his outfit once and a while, so if you are at the hall of fame often check in Fantage Royalty and see, because that might be a clue that he is online! Brainkenny is back at Fantage Royalty with his place of 7th.

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