Girl's Hover Board

From the start, girl Fantage Users used to all start out with this board. It is now retired.

Owned by Micheal

Boards are platforms Fantage avatars stand on. They are just like hover boards! They can be bought at Board Shop (Loco Boards) owned by Michael, and occasionally Vintage Gold.

From the start of Fantage, boards used to be known as Hover boards, but now they are just called Boards. You get two free boards when you join Fantage for the first time. Charity events with group items can often also get you free boards.

List of Boards and Prices

Boards usually cost from the hundreds to thousands in Stars or eCoins. The ones with a winged star are for premium members only, and the ones with a diamond are luxury items!

Rare Boards from Orion:

Coming soon!

limited boards

Coming soon

From Level Locked Items:

From the Board Shop:

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