Behind Blue Eyes was a Fantage drama series created by augustrosebud, also known as August. It was debuted on February 2, 2014 and was originally just for fun, however, after it reached 300 views, augustrosebud decided to continue it. There, it ran for one season only and was sadly cancelled after one episode of Season 2. The storyline was based around Aralynn, her best friend Aleusha (pronounced Elisha) and her rival Brandy. It was not a popular serious though and only received 100-600 views.

augustrosebud cancelled the series on July 10, 2013, a few days after Episode 1 Season 2 came out. She stated it was because of lack of Characters, fans, and the fact that she quit Fantage a long time ago and only continued for the people who liked it. In August 2014, all of her videos were made private. It is unknown what she is doing now.


  • Kittypop9 as Aralynn
  • Elisarajoelson as Aralynn's mom
  • Vicki38 as Elizabeth
  • Zoeadventures636 as Brandy

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