This is not to be confused with the usual Back to School events in Fantage.

Back 2 School


September 5, 2013 - September 19th, 2013
Event Type
Unknown, but it had Limited Items
Event Theme
Back to School
Areas Affected
Fantage School
Featured Games
"To-Do List", all main games in Fantage School

Back 2 School is the Back to School event in September 2013. During the event there was many new games in order to get the event's medal.


  • During this event, Fantage also revamped the game called Off The Hook with a new "Pop Culture" theme. It was there the first time the game came out, but Fantage removed it a while back and then put it back on the game again.
  • Mini-games about school, called the "To-Do List", were made. If you do all of them, you got yourself a medal.
  • The girl next to the Private Classroom door in the Lobby of the Fantage School was removed.
  • Playing six school games at the Fantage School gave you a trophy.


The games were organized in a "To-Do List". The games included correcting quizzes, making sure the students had their school supplies, and organizing the library shelves. Finishing all To-Do List games gave you a special medal and some of the games gave you certain prizes at the end of them.

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