Autumn Festival
October 10th, 2013 - October 21, 2013
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The Autumn Festival was an event in Fantage that celebrated the arrival of Autumn 2013 with stunning fall backgrounds. This was the event that changed the reporters forever.


  • Everyone can NOW be a reporter, have a photo album, and the lucky ones to pick up the now-gone Camera item (previously for Premium Members) can now use it to wear.
  • The main function of the event was to take autumn pictures of certain places during the whole event.
  • A purple hair resembling Comet Candy's own hair was introduced to you if you at least took one picture of the specific place during the event.
  • Get a prize for picking pumpkins.


There was not specifically any games, but the main function of the event was to take advantage of the new freedom of having a Photo Album. You have to take pictures of a certain place that was randomized everyday of the event. Taking at least one of the pictures during the event gave you Comet Candy's hair. Taking ALL of the requested places during the whole event gave you 5,000 Stars. You could also pick a pumpkin and get a prize.

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