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How to Complete:

1. First talk to the general who has a orange “!” on top of his head in the mission center. He says something about finding a artifact, for more information go to the dectective fox on the right also with a orange “!” on top of him.

2. To find where the first part is, you must complete a Jigsaw game. We first go to the forest and enter the Wizard’s Domain, keep on going to the right (to the corner of the Domain,) and you’ll find the mushrooms. You will see a Monkeys tail. Click on it. The Picture: Some Big Mushrooms.

3. Archie the fox will be hiding under the bushes. Talk to him and you will complete another Jigsaw–a coconut tree. Finish it and Head to the beach.

4. Once you go to the beach, you will find a random guy knocked out. Tell him you fear nothing and you will begin the game Coo Coo Coconuts. (Instructions will be there.) Keep on playing until the monkey head is thrown out like a coconut. Once you get it safely to the other side, you may miss 6 times to end the game and recieve the monkeys head.

5. You will find Archie again, talk to him, and complete another Jigsaw. Once you finish the puzzle, the monkey’s body will be covered in snow.

6. Now head to Mt. Fantage. You will find that knocked out guy again, talk to him, and you will have to compete for the part by playing a game called Dash Dash. You need to climb on the mountain with the indicated keys (up, down, right, left,) while throwing snowballs at the ninjas. (Instructions included while beginning game.) Once you get to the top, you have earned The Third part(final part).

7. Head to the Mission Center and talk to Archie. You’ll be putting it together and rest watching the end of the mission and enjoy!

You got your Medal and completed this mission!

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