Amberliya joined Fantage December 31 2011. She is a nice and kind girl.

She turned into a premium member in march 2012 and it ended in april 2012. She bought another one in april 2012 and ended in may 2012.

Now she is currently a non-member. She goes on Fantage everyday! She's still currently playing on Fantage!

She had some videos too! 

Like : Fantage Mangos and Potatoes ( from FantageBellaAndAmber )

Like : Fantage- Little Dance ( from anna8910fantage) : she had different eyes then! crystal eyes.. now they are innocent..

Like : Fantage Fun and Stalking with Friends ( from Jenny Jay ) That was the most currently video..

Like : Fantage Trapped with you ( from cuplocolorful ) : she had crystal eyes again!

Like : Meet my friend amberliya on Fantage! ( from Lucywoofie1 ) 

Amberliya is currently on level 135.. for a non-member.

She is sad her level is not high enough but she doesn't care....

Amberliya NEVER wants to quit Fantage.

Thank You for reading :)

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