2_Many_Madiz (previously known as Fantage Madiha11sbff) is one of the less-known Fantage YouTubers. She currently only has 69 subscribers. She enjoys making Fantage Music Videos, Fantage Short Skits (animated and non-animated) and other Fantage-related videos. Unlike other Fantage YouTubers, she is more open to meeting and even adding her fans in Fantage. You can often find her hanging out with her close friends in the Clubhouse. Her username in Fantage is madiha11sbff.

Gender - Female

Birthday - April 7

Occupations - Virtual worlds, Video making, and spending time with her family.

Close friends (by username) - lilyrosebud87, michellebella, trixie20000, listeri_magic, tori1013, and magicalstarrysky (some of these users have even been in her videos!)

Click here to go to her YouTube Channel

Madiha's current Fantagian

Madiha's current look

Her current IDFone

Madiha's current IDFone

Madiha's profile picture

Her Profile Picture

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