2011 New Year's Bash


December 31st, 2010 - January 2nd, 2011
Event Type
Holiday Event
Event Theme
New Year's Day
Areas Affected
Featured Games
New Year's Bash Shopping

The 2011 New Year's Bash was the New Year's party for introducing 2011. This event featured Elizabeth and the Castle.


Just like the Dance Party 2009, dance stages were set, but also like the Prom Party 2010, the dance stage was set in the Castle. Fantagians could dance all day long until the new year came on it. Dance costumes from both past events were available to buy at Vintage Classics at the time.

New Year's Bash Shopping

During the event, a two-part mini game was available to play. Both of these were the same, except the first one available straight from the event's release was set in Le Shop, and the second one released on January 1st, 2011 was set in Vintage Classics.

Both of the games have Elizabeth search for hidden items in both Le Shop and in Vintage Classics. Those items were needed to decorate the Castle for the party. The items are camoflauged and may require a sharp eye to spot them. After completing the mini games, items were given out. For the first mini game, the Happy New Year's Globe and the Snazzy New Year's Gown/Snazzy New Year's Suit were given out. For the second mini game, the same clothing item was given out, but a Banner Sticker 2011 was given out in place of the globe.

Fantage new year's bash shopping 2011 mini game part 101:50

Fantage new year's bash shopping 2011 mini game part 1

Fantage - New Year'S Bash shopping 2010 Mini Game part 201:34

Fantage - New Year'S Bash shopping 2010 Mini Game part 2

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