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This event was released after the 2009 Christmas event. As in every old events, Fantage was more creative with their ideas and decoration. In this event you got the party popper, new years outfit (premium members) 2010 headband (rares) 2010 glasses, and 2010 tee (all users) that were later added back in oasis or vintage gold, same as rares. This event lasted from December 31- January 3. (4 days) 

By 12:00 midnight, almost all servers were full of people there to watch the ball drop at the castle. And it was always packed. 

Extras: You could set off fire crackers and after the ball drop you could always see it drop again by clicking it.

By New Years, the ball will drop and show 2010. In that timeframe, fireworks will go off and if you have sound on you will hear "Happy New Year!" 
  • Photo taken from a video.
  • Photo from a video
  • When people don't know the definition of "crowded"

Watch one of the videos here

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